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Geraldi's is a family-owned business established in 1983. At Geraldis we serve sandwiches made with freshly sliced meats, homemade meatballs, parmesan breaded chicken, fontanini sausage, as well as Chicago beef that's roasted in-house daily. We also serve a delicious New York-style pizza, homemade lasagna, and delicious salads. We cater our lasagna dishes, pasta, salads, and our GIANT HERO SANDWICHES, the best in Portland hands down.



Geraldis was founded by Albert Luongo in 1982. His mother Gussie Geraldi Luongo raised Albert to appreciate his heritage. Growing up in 1950 NY Albert learned his mother's authentic Italian recipes, which we use today at Geraldi’s. Our meatballs, pizza sauce, garlic butter, and Au Jus are all original recipes from the one any only Gussie Geraldi Luongo. 

 Back then:

After Albert Luongo established Geraldis he was destined to return to the east coast, intrusting his shop to his Son inlaw, John David. John was born in Queens New York in 1962 and grew up on Long Island in a town called Smithtown. John, being the only child raised by a single mother, grew up immersed in the world of food. After an apprenticeship with the Sbarro family, John took what he learned and relocated to Portland, OR in 1992 where he now runs this small bustling Italian sandwich shop on Canyon Rd, Portland, OR. 


Alongside John are his four children John Jr., Joe, Brittany, and Michael, who are all very hands-on in the family business. Running this shop is more than a business to this family, it is a legacy. His children are following their great-grandmother's original recipes DAILY, bringing authentic fresh Italian food to the west coast. In 2011 John met the love of his life - yes a customer, in which his family grew even larger. Today John is a Husband, Father to four, Step-father to three, and grandfather to three. Middle son, Joe David opened a Geraldi's in Mcminnville, OR where he won the business of the year in 2019. Albert Luongo still runs Geraldis in Englewood, FL.

Check out our other location just 40 minutes south!

Geraldi's McMinnville

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